Through the Darkness, Lara Martin #2

Through The

Thanksgiving has come to the south and Lara hopes to spend a relaxing holiday with her family but her sister makes an unexpected announcement that changes everything. Renee had given a baby up for adoption. Thrown into an emotional tailspin, Lara must grapple with her own feelings over being adopted while helping Renee prepare for the sudden and unforeseen visit from the daughter she gave up seventeen years ago.

Through it all Lara has Brian, the dark handsome police detective that entered her life so unexpectedly, but their relationship hangs in the balance. The happiest time of year becomes a nightmare when Lara leaves, unable to accept the love he’s offering. Brian has little time to consider it as he and Detective Ballard are on the hunt again this time for a serial killer. Solid evidence links a suspect to two murders and a kidnapping but not everything is as it seems and while Lara struggles through her own darkness Brian must find his way through an intricate web of lies before the killer strikes again.



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