Into Twilight, Lara Martin #3


A killer is stalking Alabama’s A&M University and he will not be satisfied with one murder. Detective Brian Hammond and JJ Ballard must work with Huntsville Detective Anna Claire and her team of investigators to find the homicidal maniac. Is the killer hiding among campus residents or is he one of them?

A severed finger is only the start of the mystery Detective Julie Kinkella and Collin “Web” Webster finds themselves on. Chasing down clues, Kinkella finds herself ensnared in a diabolic plan that leads straight to the FBI. She discovers the darker side of society and a power struggle between two warring drug lords. Can they unravel the mystery before more innocent lives are destroyed?

The New Year is a new beginning and a second chance with Brian Hammond is what Lara had always hoped for. But as some journeys begin others end. She learns her best friend from high school, Frankie Manson, has just attempted suicide. Lara goes to her without realizing the danger her friend was trying to escape is very real and waiting for her. Is Lara strong enough to take on Frankie’s fears and her own? And if she isn’t, will her friend be forever be lost in twilight?

                            Join Lara Martin in her next exciting adventure!