Fires of Forgiveness, Lara Martin #4…On Sale Now

Fires PHoto Web size LargeLara is trading the quiet life of Alabama for the fast pace of Washington, DC, and leaving is proving harder than she thought. So when her good friend, Gina Grails, reports strange happenings in her New York apartment, Lara is off to help solve the mystery. However, uncovering the secret of Gina’s “ghost” may prove deadly for them both.

Rockaway Estates is a retirement community that has been targeted by a group thought at first to be pranksters. However, the petty crimes escalate to assault and Detective Julie Kinkella and Collin “Web” Webster are forced to play their horrific game of cat and mouse until one of their lives hangs in the balance.  Who will live and who will die?

Brownsboro’s Arson Investigator Quinn Mertz is on the hunt for an arsonist. After a chance meeting with beautiful Detective Julie Kinkella, he finds his heart and his attention distracted from the real danger that is now hunting him. He must face his past to find his future and forgiveness, these days, is hard to come by. Can he stop the arsonist before more families are put in harm’s way?

There are no endings, but for those haunted by the past there are no beginnings. Join Lara Martin in her fourth and most suspenseful novel yet, Fires of Forgiveness.

On sale now!


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