Believing in Starfish

Starfish Cover 20141120

Jessica Penn is twenty-six and struggles with a dark past. Five years ago, she ran from Devin Easley and the reckless longing of her heart. She put away her dreams and traded in the sun and surf of Florida for an uneventful and completely safe existence as a government employee. She was determined to never risk her heart again preferring to observe life through the window instead of living it but fate has other plans. Jessica first meets Ryan Hauser, dark eyes and deep, sensuous voice, and then Ethan Marcus, confident, rich, and handsome. Suddenly she is torn between the two. Distracted by dating, Jessica doesn’t see her past creeping toward her and comes face to face with the man she left behind. It had been hard to forget her pain but proving much harder forgiving a man who didn’t deserve a second chance or did he?

When Devin is kidnapped, Jessica is plunged back into the seedy underworld of drugs and dangerous company where foes are disguised as friends and she doesn’t know who to trust. Jessica walked away once leaving Devin to choices he wasn’t strong enough to make. Could she do it again? Or this time, could she risk it all to save the man she once loved or did she have the courage to save them both?



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