My Destruction

lighthouseWhere is the moon, the stars?

Is there no one to show me the way?

I am besieged with anguish

caught by the wraths of a terrible storm.

I am in darkness.

Is there no light to guide me?

I am abandoned.

Pitted against the wind it rages on.

I see only chaos, I feel only pain.

I falter, driven back by despair

I fall to my knees, defeated.

How can I go on?

I want to die.

Suddenly you’re there…

Like a small flame on the slopes

of a cold and desolate mountain.

A wink in the distance, so brief-

but I know it’s you.

You have given me hope

and with it I ascend

from my destruction

above the storm,

my gaze never wavers.

Hope steels me onward

I have no choice

but to rise from the ashes of my death

as you command me to new life.


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