Only you

butterflyWe flew over oceans

and we flew overseas

we sailed through the heavens

with the world at our feet.

We rose over valleys

to the top of the trees

and tore through the wind

enticed by the breeze.

Our love was a fire burning large in the sky.

Our love was a star blazing bright flying by.

You by my side with our hands intertwined,

my hand fit perfectly and your heart was mine.

But her shadow was looming, beguiling and sly

She claimed what she wanted with a smile and a lie.

In the descending confusion she took what was taken

and in the dark of the mists I was utterly forsaken.

Bond and tied I hear your cries

and I know you fight the snare

and though I wait I feel your fate

yet I cannot leave what we shared.

You were it, the one and only,

Only you with your strength and your smile.

I watch the skies and at last I fly

But ONLY YOU made it all worthwhile……


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