All Hallows’ Eve

jacksOnce a year

the children come

bringing ravenous appetites.

Trick and treating down the street

giggling in delight.

They creep the treats

and score the sweets

and scatter through the night-

to scream and scare

and laugh then stare

at each delirious tingling fright.

Jack-o-lanterns mark the route

of doorways, halls and houses

and every body knows the dance

that All Hallows’ Eve arouses.

These creatures come in every form

from rocketmen to goblins

and mothers adore the ‘lil faces

of the ‘lil monsters that come a knockin.

I would love to go back and be a kid

and trick or treat with them all-

heck, I’d go back to Shady Oaks

for another popcorn ball!

Alas, this beast is all grown up

but I have monsters of my own

and All Hallows’ Eve

will always be

the best holiday we know!


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