motherHow do you find the energy, Mom,

to teach, to love, and care?

And find the time to be yourself

to pray , to lead, to share.

How do you do it? I’ll never know-

can’t even comprehend

how you do the things you do

to be a Mother and a friend.

I have to learn to do it too

to share God’s love about.

To nurture the meek and brokenhearted

and brush away their doubts.

You are a friend and confident

to everyone you meet.

You are an inspiration

to strangers on the street.

You do it all, when no one asks-

You worry, you hope, you wonder-

how all your children are getting along

in a world that drags them under.

However you do it, I’m pleased to say

you’ve taught me many things.

About life and love and being true

and these lessons I’ve learned from you!

Thank you for being an example of Love-

Thank Dad too, in part!

You’ll always be my friend, my mentor – my Mother

You’ll always have my heart ~ ♥ I Love you, Mom!


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