She was a friend

I find myself alone today

And wonder through my thoughts

What could I say or do or done

To not feel this aching loss.

She was a pensive puzzle piece

You could never figure out

A frosty, faded mystery

A gloomy, dismal route.

Life goes on without her

But I feel her every day

And wonder if she’ll ever know

How much I didn’t say.



motherHow do you find the energy, Mom,

to teach, to love, and care?

And find the time to be yourself

to pray , to lead, to share.

How do you do it? I’ll never know-

can’t even comprehend

how you do the things you do

to be a Mother and a friend.

I have to learn to do it too

to share God’s love about.

To nurture the meek and brokenhearted

and brush away their doubts.

You are a friend and confident

to everyone you meet.

You are an inspiration

to strangers on the street.

You do it all, when no one asks-

You worry, you hope, you wonder-

how all your children are getting along

in a world that drags them under.

However you do it, I’m pleased to say

you’ve taught me many things.

About life and love and being true

and these lessons I’ve learned from you!

Thank you for being an example of Love-

Thank Dad too, in part!

You’ll always be my friend, my mentor – my Mother

You’ll always have my heart ~ ♥ I Love you, Mom!

My Sister….the Nectar

sistersAs children life goes by

As teenagers life goes by

As young women life goes by

As married women life goes by

As mothers life goes by

As careerists life goes by

And in the midst of life GOING BY

I ponder where I left my sister.

After all, she was the flower and I was the fly……

She was smart and strong- a talented girl.

I went this way and that way, around and a whirl.

She was steady and bright- a real true delight.

I was topsy and turvy, an enigmatic fright.

She was proud and patient, tender and kind.

I was prideful and stubborn with a spirited mind.

She was always the flower and I was the bee

Never seeing how poignantly she spied after me.

I buzzed and I flitted and I traveled the world

She remained the good daughter and her blessings unfurled.

I, as the fly, finally chose a nice mate

and had my own family, two grubs- to date.

But as flies go, my time was soon up

and I flew to the winds

seeking adventure and stuff.

One day I flew home to find out my nectar

Had taken up residence with a nectar collector.

She had fallen in love and I was so tickled

I flew to her house and boy, what a pickle!

Three flies were a buzzing around my sweet sis

So I gave them a hug and a bump and a kiss.

Life is both good and crazy for us

Each story unfolds with little to no fuss.

There’s always the flower and there’s always the fly

But with a sister like me I don’t think she minds.

A flower in the snow

flowers in the snowA person is only as good

As others make her aware of.

If she never knows your feelings

How can she know your love?

How can she know she’s been there

through every suffering tear.

Through trials and tribulations

Through growing pains and fears.

She is a friend above all others

She is a testament of tales.

Her assurance is a guiding light

When all lights around have failed.

She’s a flower in the darkness

a beauty in the snow.

She is faith and constant friendship

when the wind begins to blow.

She means so much to me and mine.

How she’s helped me through despair.

God sent me gentle protection

And I am grateful she was there.

She’s been my shield and shelter-

A messenger, a dove.

Nancy holds my heart and soul in hand

and every bit of my Love.

My Daughter

She is tender and she is shy

She is smart with a creative mind

She is funny with a daring side

and a smile she often hides.

She feels passion way down deep

So much she often weeps

And happy at times she cries

She’s kindhearted with a fire inside.

As Mother Daughter

We are like no other

Our souls will never part.

As Mother Daughter

I can love no other

Like my daughter ♥ who has my heart.

How can I say

How dark and tired I feel today

Thunder rumbles the door.

How sad and empty I am today

Rain seeps onto the floor.

Today I’m sick or sick of the day

The distinction isn’t quite clear

But as the showers continue

I feel such a venue

To hide from the things that I fear.

They sit at the doors

And scratch at the floors

But my  door will never open

For if it did-

Heaven forbid-

I’d have to admit I was broken.

What they speak is the Truth-

my flaws- what can I do

to make them stop calling my name?!

How can I say

I’m sorry today

That I live every day in my shame.

They wouldn’t believe me-

No one believes me-

Which is why I need to hide

Away from my fears

Alone with my fears

Until the day I die.

My friend the Sky

the skyBeautifully shy

is my friend the sky

and she always knows what to do.

She fades to grey

when rain has its way,

turns sapphire blue

to please the moon,

she brightens for fun

when she sees the sun

and makes room for the stars up there too.

When no one is looking

she dreams her own dreams

but she could never leave.

Her heart is a painted storybook

a sweet, gentle sigh in the breeze.

She is a grey as the rain

as blue as the moon

as bright as the sun

as the stars are fun!

Beautifully shy

is my friend the sky.

Today this rainbow’s for you!

My Friend the Faux

Her loss grows, like a bloody scab that festers taking on a life of its own.  Jealousy, pain and weakness are the colors of her heart and safe passage is no longer granted. 

Where did the flame of friendship go in the dark, twisted corner of her world? She is barren as cold and bereft as the sea.  Call to her, I ask you but she is no victim in this suffering tale. 

What do you see in her calculating eyes but treachery and lies – Lies that bind, Lies that tie, Lies that cut and burn and claim!  Beware her facade for behind that mask lies another and another lie is her mask. 

Fake as faux can be, my friend.