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Deborah Van Heest is a Quapaw Indian born in Miami, Oklahoma. She was adopted as an infant by an Army couple and spent the majority of her youth in a small town in Illinois. As a pastime, she wrote poems and short stories. But with all hobbies, she grew up and forgot about writing. When her marriage ended and she lost custody of her two children, Deborah began to write again. Her first book was self-published. It was a fantasy novel entitled “Secret of the Kings.” In 2014, she self-published a romance novel entitled “Believing in Starfish.”

Deborah has tremendous creativity and talent, writing her next three books within a year, “One Step Closer”, “Through the Darkness”, “Into Twilight”. “Fires of Forgiveness”, fourth book in the series, is set for release 1 January 2018. The books are published as a series with Red Sage Publishing, Inc. The author admits, the main character, Lara Martin, is a mirror of her own life dealing with very personal issues, such as divorce and adoption. As an amateur writer, she continues to develop her own style.

With family spread across the states, Deborah loves to travel. She has an incredible zest for life and embraces every moment with passion. She leads a busy life in the Washington, DC area dedicating her time to church and charities. She is single and a mother of two. Her greatest treasure is her family and her faith. Writing is now a treasured hobby. One she continues today.

       This site holds some of her collected work.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Very nice to meet up with you again. I’m very impressed with your writing! I look forward to more as time goes on.
    Jon Minix

    1. Hello Deborah! I was sent your blog by someone that recognized your biological mother’s name, and quickly realized that she knew someone else with the same biological mother…me! Not only do you and I share the same birth mother, 4 others do as well…3 girls and 1 boy! You are the final piece of a puzzle that has been being put together over several years! I’m sure you are full of questions, and would like to get some answers, and we (2 of the puzzle pieces) would be glad to fill you in when and if you are ready to pursue your biological lineage. You may reach us at jrawlins@wtok.org and sridge@freightquote.com if you would like to start working on the puzzle that you are a part of!

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